José Galvez's visit to King's College was the highlight of our Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.  His personal story, related in narrative and photography, is deeply moving and motivational.  His photo exhibit, 'Latina', gave new meaning to the dynamic role of women in maintaining the Hispanic culture and heritage that have been part of the Americas for over 500 years.
George C. Schmitz, CSC, McGowan Hispanic Outreach, King’s College

José Gálvez embarked us all in a sentimental life journey and in every step of his nostalgic walk through time, he introduced us to key figures in his life: César Chávez, Mother Teresa, among others. However, what struck my students and I the most was his humbling modesty and his perseverance to keep representing the Latino community in the United States in the most genuine way possible: through his lenses. What a treat we all had!  
Dr. Judith García-Quismondo García, Seton Hill University

Thank you for visiting the University of Miami!  Your dynamic delivery of your experiences kept our students alert and involved. Thank you for sharing your time, your knowledge, and your sense of humor with us! 
Jesse Ford, Assistant Director, Multicultural Student Affairs, University of Miami

His black and whites artfully captured Chavez's aura as he negotiated firmly the terms of work contracts with farm owners; or as he inspired a blue-collar army of farmworkers to create the United Farm Workers' union; or, as in a moment of reflection, Chavez cast a tender gaze at one of his grandchildren.  Galvez's black-and-white technique both invite and challenge the eye to study his photographs in depth -- making admirers feel as though they were there
Robert Montemayor, Director/Editor Latino Information Network, Rutgers University

José Galvez's photographs and reflections provide a richly informative, visually compelling and ultimately moving portrayal.
Mark Chaves, Professor of Sociology, Religion, and Divinity, Duke University

He is passionate about his topic and his presentation is just simply fascinating.  He was open to all, presenting to the business community, to the general public.
Sara Martinez, Hispanic Resource Center, Martin Regional Library, Tulsa, OK

...[T]hat was a great presentation you did for us. Not only did the photographs depict the daily struggles for Hispanics but also of the pride in their heritage depicted in dance, costumes, music, and customs.... I was particularly impressed with the impact that Hispanics have had serving in the Armed Service. Your photos demonstrate the pride in serving and representing the USA. Thank you again for your time in showing a piece of the Hispanic culture and helping the Durham VA Medical Center understand more about diversity in the workplace and of the people we serve. 
Dennis Bongiorni, Durham VA Medical Center

Your talk was heartfelt, and your pictures brought back memories of our beginnings. 
David Ibarra, eLeaderTech, Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce