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José's books have found their way into the hands of thousands of people, from some of the most prominent Latinos in business and politics to young immigrant teenagers who are just starting on their way. Exhibits from José's books have toured the country, showing in museums as well as in the galleries of universities, schools and libraries.

Shine Boy

It's here! José's memoir of growing up in the barrios of Tucson, Arizona, set next to some of the most amazing images from his collection. This book pairs nicely with José's multi-media presentation by giving readers a hand-held collection of photographs and stories to share with others. Appropriate for all ages.

Cover of Shine Boy


Vatos is a powerful synergy of José’s photographs and the words of the amazing poet and author, Luis Alberto Urrea. Edward James Olmos called this work, "A tribute to Chicano men, to Latino men, to all men everywhere." Vatos is in its third printing and has been honored by the American Library Association. The book recently appeared on the television show, Lie to Me. Published by Cinco Puntos Press.

Cover of Vatos

Beloved Land

For countless generations of Mexican Americans, memories of rural life recall la querida tierra, the beloved land. Through good times and bad, the land provided sustenance. Today, many of those homesteads and ranches have succumbed to bulldozers that have brought housing projects and strip malls in their wake. Patricia Preciado Martin and José Galvez have preserved the voices and images of men and women who are descendants of pioneer ranching and farming families in southern Arizona." Published by UA Press.

Cover of Beloved Land


Americanos was an ambitious multi-media production led by actor Edward James Olmos that resulted in a book, an exhibit that traveled nationally through the Smithsonian Institution, a CD of Latino music, and a documentary that aired on HBO. José served as a photo editor for the book and exhibit. One of his photographs appears on the cover in blue. The book is now out of print - check your local library - but we've got the last remaining copies!

Cover of Americanos

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